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Rome, 10th May 2021 – Elettronica announces the signature of a supply contract with Fincantieri for the Electronic Warfare Suite of the new submarines of the Italian Navy, in the framework of the U212 NFS Programme managed by OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armement). The contract includes the provision of two suites for the first batch of platforms and two additional systems as an option for future batches.

Elettronica is already supplier of the Electronic Warfare equipment in the framework of FREMM and PPA Programmes managed by OCCAR and aims to extend the cooperation to EU co-funded projects.

Current conflicts are dominated by the ones reaching in advance the electronic supremacy of the battlefield. No mission can be successfully accomplished without prior knowledge of the electronic Order of Battle. The Electromagnetic Spectrum Operation (EMSO) is then a key enabler for many diversified operations.

In the Underwater Domain, EMS Management and Superiority support the submarine’s capability to operate without influencing the scenario directly.

The typical mission profile of a stealth platform like a submarine couldn’t be performed without implementing effective Self-Protection capabilities needed to enhance the survivability in very high-risk areas.

Both in times of crisis and in peace-keeping operations, the specific role of Surveillance and Reconnaissance requires also SIGINT activities (COMINT, ELINT)

The Electronic Warfare Suite designed for the Italian Navy U212 NFS Submarines represents the most technologically advanced and innovative answer to those needs in the underwater domain.

Actually, through a very high level of functional integration the Suite is capable to perform self-protection, surveillance and intelligence tasks granting excellent  performances on the whole electromagnetic spectrum, from communication to radar bands.

It integrates the experience gained by Elettronica both in the specific submarine area products and in naval programs as the latest “Legge Navale” of the Italian Navy, combining then maturity with innovation.

The Suite has an integrated RESM/CESM antenna - resulting of more than two years of studies and simulations - that represents the most advanced and performing product of its kind in the market, also for its compact sizes and stealthness capabilities.

Two further antennas are also part of the system, the first with surveillance and detection tasks in the radar band, the later as warning antenna.

Furthermore, the U212 NFS EW Suite contracted by the Italian Navy implements enabling technologies granting a very high level of digitalization allowing great performances also in a very dense and complex electromagnetic environment, where most of the EW Suites in the market would be quickly saturated. It relies on a Software-defined architecture, strongly reducing the HW component for a significant improvement of the operational availability, while granting easier maintenance and faster updates.

Finally, the EW Suit will be provided with an Electronic Warfare Management Unit able to collect and manage in an integrated way the information coming from both Radar and Communications EW Sensors enabling an enhanced tactical and strategic awareness of the EW scenario that is mandatory to support Self-Protection, Surveillance and Intelligence operations.

“We are very proud to equip the Italian Navy U212 NFS Submarines, a high profile and performance asset encompassing the excellences of the National Industry for the benefit of the Italian Navy and its operational readiness. We are proud to enrich the versatility of this platform through an Electronic Warfare Suite representing the ideal combination of experience, maturity and innovation, thus offering high performances on the entire communications and radar bands, while ensuring excellent self-protection capabilities and wide Intelligence information gathering”, said Domitilla Benigni, COO & CEO of Elettronica.

About Elettronica

Elettronica has been at the forefront of Electronic Warfare for 70 years, supplying over 3000 high-tech systems to the armed forces and governments of 30 countries. Elettronica’s systems are designed for a variety of operational missions, from strategic surveillance, self-protection, intelligence gathering, electronic defence and operational support for the sea, land and air domains. The company boasts a strong list of successful national and international collaborations on major programmes like the Tornado fighter, the Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft, the NH-90 helicopter, the Italian offshore patrol vessel and the Franco-Italian Horizon and FREMM warships. The company is part of Gruppo Elettronica which also includes CY4GATE, specialising in Cyber EW, Cybersecurity and Intelligence; and Elt GmbH, a German subsidiary specialising in the design of Homeland Security systems.

Pubblished at: 10, May 2021

EuroDASS consortium signs contract to equip new German Typhoons with protective EW system

The EuroDASS consortium, which comprises Leonardo, Elettronica, Indra and Hensoldt, will equip Germany’s new fleet of 38 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft with the Praetorian Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS)

Praetorian’s integrated sensors and jamming provide platform protection, situational awareness and advanced electronic deception techniques


Praetorian is an open, programmable electronic warfare system, ensuring Germany stays in control of its mission data and can update the system to respond to new threats as they appear in theatre


29th April 2021 – Leonardo, on behalf of the EuroDASS Consortium, has signed a contract to supply the Praetorian Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS) for the new Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft being supplied under the German Quadriga programme. This will see 38 of the latest standard Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft delivered to the German Luftwaffe to replace their Tranche 1 Typhoon aircraft.

The Typhoon’s Praetorian DASS equips the aircraft with advanced protection from threats including Infra-Red (IR or heat-seeking) and radar-guided missiles. The system is well-regarded by users and has been battle-tested on peace-keeping operations in Libya and Syria. It integrates sensors and electronic warfare jamming to provide exceptional situational awareness, platform protection and advanced electronic deception techniques.

Critically, Praetorian is an open and programmable electronic warfare system. This means that Germany is in complete control of its mission data and can boost the survivability of its Typhoons by fine-tuning the system to the actual situation on the battlefield on a mission-by-mission basis. Mission data can be fed into the Praetorian system in an extremely short time, often just hours. In comparison, some other aircraft are equipped with defensive aids systems that include a generic mission data set and that feedback loop can take several months.

Quadriga is a vote of confidence in the Eurofighter Typhoon that says that the platform will be the backbone of the Luftwaffe out to the 2060s. This sends a strong message to potential future partners, in the near term Finland and Switzerland, who will be able to rely on long-term commitment to Typhoon. Further opportunities for Typhoon and Praetorian include additional orders from Spain and Germany as well as future export orders.

Looking towards the future, EuroDASS are keen to support technology de-risk for the next generation of fighters. Praetorian presents a stable platform to spiral develop future technology, which will not only provide future capability gain for Typhoon, but also provide valuable knowledge and technology transfer into the next generation of future combat air systems.

Through the Eurofighter Long Term Evolution (LTE) study, EuroDASS are working with the Eurofighter Partner Companies and Nations to consider national requirements and how they can be delivered in an agile, cost effective manner, providing capability longevity to the Typhoon’s out of service date, whilst remaining supportive to future air combat development work.


Pubblished at: 29, Apr 2021

Elettronica unica azienda della Difesa tra le Best Workplaces 2021

Per il secondo anno consecutivo Elettronica si classifica tra le Best Workplaces™ Italia e per il quarto anno consecutivo ottiene la prestigiosa certificazione conferita da Great Place to Work® Italia per l’impegno verso il benessere in azienda

Pubblished at: 23, Apr 2021