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Elettronica (stand 06-B15) emphasises its commitment to the United Arab Emirates and its 30-year partnership with the UAE armed forces, showcasing the company’s ADRIAN counter drone system, its advanced aircraft self-protection system EDGE and the company's naval EW capabilities at this year’s IDEX exhibition.



Amid regional security challenges and defence modernisation, Elettronica emphasises its commitment to the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi, 21st February 2021 – 

2021 is a year of anniversaries for Elettronica. The company is celebrating its 70th birthday and it is three decades since Elettronica began its partnership with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) armed forces. The company began providing the UAE with Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment in the early 1990s. This started an enduring partnership which has helped the Emirati armed forces develop some of the most sophisticated EW capabilities in the region. 

The last three decades has seen the UAE face its share of security challenges. Elettronica has worked hard with its Emirati counterparts to ensure that personnel, ships, vehicles and aircraft are strongly protected by state-of-the-art EW systems that save lives and protect platforms. 

Over the years, the company has been involved in a myriad of major acquisitions in the UAE contributing not only products but EW expertise: “We are honoured to have worked with the armed forces of the UAE in developing their electronic warfare capabilities for over 30 years,” said Enzo Benigni, Elettronica’s President and CEO: “We are looking forward to deepening this partnership in the future as the country faces tomorrow’s challenges.”


Elettronica is far more than its products. The firm is a solutions provider across the artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber fields, leveraging these technologies and providing state-of-the-art solutions to our customers in the UAE, the region and beyond.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has not reduced the company’s commitment. Elettronica will be exhibiting a host of services and products during this year’s eagerly awaited IDEX exhibition held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 21st and 25th February. 

Visitors can learn more about the long history of Elettronica’s involvement with the UAE on the company’s stand (06-B15) and discover the world-beating capabilities Elettronica provides to meet today’s and tomorrow’s defence and security challenges. 

The firm is helping countries in the region leading the fight against unauthorised drone use and will showcase its ADRIAN counter drone system. Mindful of the maritime security challenges faced by the UAE and other regional actors, the company is exhibiting its naval electronic warfare capabilities and services, along with its EDGE escort jammer protecting aircraft and strike packages from the advanced air defence threats proliferating throughout the region. 

The long and successful partnership enjoyed by the UAE and Elettronica is testament to the quality of the company’s ITAR-free and competitively priced solutions, services and products. Elettronica is looking forward to further deepening its partnership with the UAE in the future. 

ELETTRONICA@IDEX 2021 – Drone Threat? Tell ADRIAN!

Elettronica (stand 06-B15) showcases the company’s ADRIAN counter drone system at this year’s IDEX exhibition.

The Middle East is no stranger to the threat posed by drones in the wrong hands. These aircraft are cheap to buy and easy to fly. Yet they can be used for a range of illegal activities. A drone’s camera can photograph or film a sensitive site. They can deliver contraband behind prison walls and, in the worst case, be used as flying bombs for a terrorist attack. 

Protecting potential targets such as an airport or an important international meeting with VIPs against drones can be difficult. The aircraft are small and hard to detect. It may not be possible to use live ammunition to engage the drone particularly if it is flying in an urban area. 

Help is at hand from Elettronica’s ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition Neutralisation) counter-drone system. ADRIAN is one of the most advanced and cost-effective counter-drone systems available. It takes care of drone detection and interception using a single system which can be deployed at a fixed site or mounted on a vehicle.

ADRIAN uses a combination of radar, optronics, acoustic sensors and an Electronic Support Measure (ESM) to detect the drone visually, via its radar signature and the noise of its engines and by using the drone’s radio transmissions. ADRIAN fuses this information, determines the drone type and its location and presents this information to the operator. Using four different sensors to find the drone means that the aircraft can still be detected if one or more of the sensors is having difficulty; for example, if tall buildings block the radar or optronics line-of-sight or if a loud environment makes it hard to hear the drone’s engines. This combination of sensors ensures a low false alarm rate.

With the drone detected, ADRIAN intercepts the radio signals the drone uses to communicate with its pilot and the satellite signals it needs for navigation. ADRIAN uses an electronic countermeasure to jam these links forcing the drone to land safely or return to its starting point. An added benefit is that ADRIAN can discern the drone pilot’s location which is useful for police and law enforcement.

ADRIAN can record missions for later analysis and debriefing. It is easy to use, ITAR-free and competitively priced. If you have a drone problem, call ADRIAN! 

ELETTRONICA@IDEX 2021 – Elettronica at the Leading EDGE

Underlining its long and close partnership with the UAE Air Force, Elettronica is showcasing advanced aircraft self-protection systems at this year’s IDEX Exhibition.

Advanced air defence threats are spreading around the Middle East and wider world. Countries are buying state-of-the-art surface-to-air missiles and advanced radars which can threaten the success of air operations. 

Combat aircraft must be protected with the most capable countermeasures available and be able to escort less well-defended aircraft through contested airspace. 

Elettronica has over three decades’ experience working closely with the United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF). The company has been involved with an array of major UAEAF projects and this long partnership has ensured that the air force’s personnel and platforms are robustly protected.

Demonstrating its commitment to the UAE and the wider region the company is once again attending the IDEX Exhibition held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 21st and 25th February. Elettronica’s stand (06-B15) will showcase its solutions, capabilities and products applicable to the air domain. Visitors can learn about the firm’s use of advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber security and how these provide state-of-the-art services and products used by air forces. 


Elettronica has employed this expertise and technology in the company’s EDGE escort jammer. The EDGE is a jamming pod which can protect an individual jet or a package of aircraft. The user gets two capabilities in one: They can use the EDGE passively to collect radar signals for analysis, or use it actively to transmit high-powered conventional and discreet jamming waveforms against a diverse array of radars transmitting across a wide swathe of frequencies. Multiple threats can be jammed simultaneously using the pod’s advanced transmit/receive modules. Moreover, the EDGE is cost effective. Air forces need not acquire one for each aircraft. Instead, several can be procured and swapped between jets as and when they are needed. 

Elettronica is more than its EW products. The company works closely with air forces to understand their needs and furnish them with world-beating solutions using ITAR-free technologies at competitive prices. Visit stand 06-B15 to find out more.


Elettronica has enjoyed a 30-year partnership with the UAE armed forces, working tirelessly to help protect the country’s navy. 

The waters around the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East are turbulent. Navies face illegal activities on the high seas, the ever-present threat of terrorism and the proliferation of Anti-Ship Missiles (AShMs). 

These threats can be mitigated through robust naval electronic warfare systems helping crews understand what is happening in the electromagnetic spectrum and to jam electronic threats when they appear. 

Elettronica has enjoyed a long history of partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy, having supported major acquisitions by the force since the company began its partnership with the UAE back in the early 1990s. Today the firm’s expertise, capabilities and products are trusted by the UAE Navy to keep its personnel and vessels safe, as they are by other navies across the world. 

This year’s IDEX Exhibition held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 21st and 25th February sees Elettronica exhibiting a range of services, solutions and products helping to protect the seas throughout the region. 

Visitors to stand 06-B15 can learn about Elettronica’s use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber security, and how these are used in state-of-the-art services and products supporting the naval domain.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies are at the heart of Elettronica’s naval electronic warfare capabilities and services. The firm has an enviable reputation in the naval domain, its expertise and products being trusted by the navies of France and Italy among others. The firm’s naval EW systems use the latest technologies like active electronically scanned arrays and a modular design philosophy to outfit a diverse range of ships. Elettronica’s naval EW products offer superb performance even in electromagnetically congested environments. They are effective against simultaneous threats and are sensitive to even the most discreet signals.

It is not just about the products. Elettronica works closely with navies to understand their needs and provide them with world-beating solutions using ITAR-free technologies at competitive prices. Visit stand 06-B15 to learn more.

Elettronica has been at the forefront of the Electronic Warfare sector for almost 70 years, supplying over 3000 high-tech systems to the armed forces and governments of 30 countries. The Elettronica systems are designed for a variety of key operational missions, from strategic surveillance, self-protection, Sigint, electronic defence and operational support for air, naval and land applications. The company boasts a strong list of successful national and international collaborations on all major modern military platforms like the Tornado fighter, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the NFH-90 helicopter, the Italian PPA platform, the Italian and French ships Horizon and FREMM, and a wide range of projects in various countries worldwide. A company part of Gruppo Elettronica that also includes CY4GATE, specialising in Cyber EW, Cybersecurity, and Intelligence, and Elettronica Gmbh, a German subsidiary specialising in the design of Homeland Security systems.

Rome, Elettronica S.p.A.
18 Feb 2021